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Bon Islet and Temple Islet
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Special Private minibus from Airport to Hotel service @990 Baht/minibus(Basis 1,200 Baht/minibus:Maximum 10 Pax)

Phuket Safari Concerns:
All about the safari Trekking from Phuket

This is tour phuket, phuket tour and tour from Phuket: Safari Phuket, Phuket Safari, Tour Safari at Phuket, the best phuket safari tour!

The trip provides for any tourist who love to use a day of whole holiday time visiting the safari place. This excursion take you to visit The Waterfall which is hidden in the safari, The Trekking Route passed the point called The Sea meet Safari and The Nature River along the Safari with full of Wildlife.

The following is the program and the highlight pictures: Please read and see all of them before submit the booking.

Phuket Safari Concern by Phuket Tour Provider Phuket Safari Concern by Phuket Tour Provider Phuket Safari Concern by Phuket Tour Provider

The most beautiful and real nature Waterfall - Lam Pee Waterfall. It is hidden in the thick safari away from crowd. The lake of it is very nice clear sweet water, it is great for swimming. Around the Water fall is full of the nature life, a hundred kind of hard to see trees.

Phuket Safari Concern by Phuket Tour Provider Phuket Safari Concern by Phuket Tour Provider Phuket Safari Concern by Phuket Tour Provider

The great view of Khao Lak Beach can be seen just from this restaurant – Moun-Lai Restaurant. We serve the Thai Set Menu Lunch here. Having lunch on the point of great view.

Phuket Safari Concern by Phuket Tour Provider Phuket Safari Concern by Phuket Tour Provider Phuket Safari Concern by Phuket Tour Provider

Short Jungle Trek on the route between the sea and mountain. We go to see the million kinds of trees, Wild life and the end of this Jungle Walking is a nice abandoned beach in the mountain. There is no any crowded on this safari beach. It is very hard to find it out. But by this trip, for sure you will meet "this unseen beach."

Phuket Safari Concern by Phuket Tour Provider Phuket Safari Concern by Phuket Tour Provider Phuket Safari Concern by Phuket Tour Provider
Phuket Safari Concern by Phuket Tour Provider Phuket Safari Concern by Phuket Tour Provider Phuket Safari Concern by Phuket Tour Provider

The last point, but very amazing. The Little Amazon is the nature river pass the thick safari makes the River Safari. The trip offers the canoeing with a nice paddle guide take you to discover along the cannel and see many kind of wildlife.

The trip offers the Safari Discovery around 2 Province, Phuket and Phang Nga Province.
There are 3 things to do concern the Phuket Safari Concern are

  1. The Khao Lak Nature Safari Trek.
  2. Visit the waterfall in the nature of thick Safari.
  3. Discovery to see the Safari Animal Along the "Little Amazon River" of Ta-Kou Pa District- Phang Nga Province.
Brief Programs
08:30 AM: Pick up from the every hotel in Phuket (No any extra charge) The car run fast pass the Sarasin Bridge (It is connected between the Mainland and Phuket Island) directly to Phan Nga Province.
10:00 AM: The sun is coming to quite hot. We visit the most beautiful and real nature waterfall of Phang Nga Province- Lumpee Waterfall. The tour guide guides you to see the nature around the area as well as jump down into the waterfall, if you like.
11:00 AM: We leave from the Waterfall to start catches up "Safari Trekking" from Khao Lak Lumloo National Park passing to Hat Lek (Lek Beach.) This route leads you to see a hundred kids of biggest aged over 100 years trees, Animals, Safari Vines etc...(A lot of thing concerns safari)
12:00 PM: We arrival Lek Beach, the nice small beach which is hidden in the mountain at the point "where the jungle meets the sea." Non-Crowded at all.
13:00 PM: We served the Lunch at the Restaurant with the best of the best sea view of Khao Lak. (The Real nice view of khao lak Beach, every tourist said" ) named "Moun Lai Restaurant.
13:30 PM: We leave from the restaurant to the Jungle life along the Safari River called "Little Amazon Safari." We must get into the atmosphere of Amazon.
14:20 PM: The Canoe Boat with the paddle guide (2 Passenger Maximum with one Paddle guide) Take you along the safari river, you can see animals, Birds, Snakes (hahaha) Monkeys, Gibbons, Varanus bengalensis etc..
16:00 PM: We leave Amazon back to Phuket.
17:30 PM: Arrival at the Hotel.

Price:(Private Trip)
4,800 Baht/Person (Minimum 2 People Booking)
3,600 Baht/Person (3-12 years old)

Tour includes:

  • Transportation both ways (Hotel-Trip-Hotel)
  • All Safari or National Park Fee (The place in the Program)
  • All equipment for Canoeing with Paddle Guide along the Little Amazon River.
  • Soft Drinks (Drinking Water, Coke, Fanta) will be served all the time.
  • English Tour Guide
  • Accident Insurance

Booking Inquiry First
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